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BCDC Friends and Family!


Want to give a Shout-Out to someone in Basileia?

You can leave a lasting message in the 2020 ELPIS program! 


MINI Shout-Out………...$ 15.00

* This is a 3-line listing without photos


MEGA Shout-Out………$ 40.00

(includes 1 photo)


EMAIL the following info to :

  1. Your name & contact

  2. Dancer’s Name(s)

  3. MINI – or – MEGA Size?

  4. Message and 1 photo if desired (Mega Shout-Out only)


When making payment, please include a note in PayPal with the NAME(S) of who the message is for.



Messages and payment due on or before: Wed. March 18, 2020

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